We had a wonderful evening last Thursday. We now have 125 women as members so we should be giving our charity $12,500


The three nominations were.

Salvation Army

Mt Hood Medical Center Chapel

and My Fathers.


My Fathers House was Chosen. Hopefully we will all be at the next meeting June 25th and hear from Cathe how the money was used.

My Fathers House

If you were not at the event or forgot your check book, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE>>>> get me your money this week. You can make the Check out to My Fathers House and mail it to Sue Piazza 365 NE Williams Rd Gresham 97030 or drop it at Gresham Ford’s Cashier.


Our next meeting is scheduled for June 25th and then October 10th, please mark your calendars and look for the Place of the event on Facebook or our website, soon.

Which reminds me…… Please forgive me for having the wrong address on the website 😢


Remember we are always looking for more women to join us. We would love to grow by 10% each month… How cool to reach $15,000 or even $20,000 at an event.


Looking for Board Members, if you are interested in knowing more please contact Sue at Bucket List Travel Tours.